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Al Ross returns from the NORBA racing series with the dream of opening a mountain bike specific shop in Squamish.
Tantalus Bike Shop opens in Als house, with our first line of bikes, Giant, and our first employee, Johnny Smoke.
Tantalus moves beside the Greyhound station in Garibaldi Highlands. It was an amazingly tight 600 square feet! Kona Bikes joins the team with our first shipment of Kilueas and Cindercones.
Al pioneers the bi-weekly toonie race series that still rips in Squamish today. Turn outs back in those days were 15-25 riders, compared to the 120-150 riders that show up at the current toonies.
The legendary P-Nut joins the Tantalus team. Nut is still our head wrench, swinging hammers and starting fires 17 years later
Tantalus goes through its first reno, taking over the Depot Snowboard Shop next door, expanding our square footage to 1400. That summer Squamish built its first funded trails; The Powerhouse Plunge and Powersmart.
Freeride pioneer Graeme Kerbis jumps his bike over a 21 foot roof gap in downtown Squamish and quickly becomes Squamish’s first sponsored freerider, signing with Kona Bikes.
Bursting at the seams with bikes and gear, Tantalus finds a new home in the ground floor of the Royal Canadian Legion. Converting the Legion banquet hall to to a world class bike shop was a huge endeavour, with Al, P-Nut and countless friends of Tantalus working day and night for months to build out the 3000+ square foot shop we call home today.
Tantalus Bike Shop grand opening in the new location. Santa Cruz joins Tantalus with force, 9 years later we’re selling them before we can get them out of the box! Shawn Cruikshanks also joins the team as our new hot shot tech, “The Bruce Lee of Bike Repair” awes us all with his mechanical prowess.
Born and raised at Tantalus Bike Shop, employee Ryan Edwards (aka T-Bred) finishes 2nd overall in the Test of Metal, the highest finish of a Tantalus jersey to date.
Tantalus rider and young gun employee Rhys Verner wins 1st overall in the toonie race “Top Dogg” category (combined XC and DH) at the age of 14. Rhys is sure to be a force for years to come.
Tantalus has grown to become a world class bike shop, serving thousands of customers from the Sea to Sky Corridor and around the World. Stop by and meet our team of employees who are super passionate about everything cycling. Tantalus Bike Shop, where the hell else are you gonna go?
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Rhys continues to prove “Rock Don’t Chisel!” with wins at BC and Island Cups, a Spot on Team BC at the 2013 Canada Games, and and 18th overall finish in the Test of Metal.