1992 – Al Ross returns from the NORBA racing series with the dream of opening a mountain bike specific shop in Squamish.

1995 – Tantalus Bike Shop opens in Al’s house, with our first line of bikes, Giant.

1995 – Tantalus moves location, Kona bikes joins the team.

1996 – Al pioneers the bi-weekly loonie race series that still rips on Squamish today. Turn outs back in those days were 15-20 people, compared to the 120-150 riders that show up to today’s Cinco’s.

2005 – Bursting at the seams with bikes and gear, Tantalus finds a new home in the ground floor of the Royal Canadian Legion. Bike tech wizards P-nut and Shawn Cruickshanks are running the service department.

2007 – Born and raised at Tantalus bike shop, employee Ryan (t-bred) finishes 2nd overall in the Test of Metal.

2012 – Tantalus rider and young gun employee Rhys Verner wins 1st overall in the toonie race at the age of 14.

2015 – The first bottle of the now world-famous hot sauce is sold, sales rocket to over 10 000 bottles in 4 years.

2017 – Len and Thomas join the service team, making sure everyone’s bikes are fully dialed.

2017 – Ryhs Verner goes full enduro and wins the EWS Final Ligure round in the junior category.

2018 – Local legend and Tantalus team rider, Carl Goldstraw, wins his first Toonie race.

2018 – Len wins the Tantalus trail series overall, maybe the fastest beer league in the world…

Today – Tantalus has grown to become a world-class bike shop, serving thousands of customers from the Sea-to-Sky Corridor and around the world. Stop by and meet our team of employees who are super passionate about everything mountain biking. Tantalus bike shop, where the hell else are you gonna go?


40194 Glenalder Place

Garibaldi Highlands, BC
V0N 1T0

Located in Garibaldi Village Shopping Plaza, behind Boston Pizza

Phone : 604.898.2588


Hours of Operation

10:00am – 6:00pm

10am - 3:00pm

10am - 3:00pm

Open 361 Days of the Year



Tantalus Bike Shop