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Check out the latest updates on the local trails, thanks to the help of our awesome community of riders.

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Our favourite rides:

With over 260 trails in town, it can be difficult choosing where to ride. Here’s some of our favourite rides.

Half Nelson – Pseudo Tsuga

Angry Midget – Fred, Tinder, Your Mom

Man Boobs – Leave of Absence – Rupert – Rollercoaster

Credit Line – Crouching Squirrel Hidden Monkey

Like what you rode?:

Help keep our trails running great for everyone! We are lucky to have a dedicated group of volunteers and a paid trail crew maintaining and building trails year round. You can help by donating some Trail Karma, or picking up a trail pass in store.


40194 Glenalder Place

Garibaldi Highlands, BC
V0N 1T0

Located in Garibaldi Village Shopping Plaza, behind Boston Pizza

Phone : 604.898.2588


Hours of Operation

10:00am – 6:00pm

10am - 3:00pm

10am - 3:00pm

Open 361 Days of the Year



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